Kerry LowLow’s Bashtastic Adland Video

kerry lowlow video2

When I first saw this video on the Huffington Post website, I was very confused. This was probably because I had not taken the time to really listen to the lyrics of the catchy tune before the music cut out at the end and left me dumbfounded.

Of course, when I watched this Kerry LowLow video again, I stopped and took a real listen to the message that the song was communicating, and then began to laugh. Hard. This right here was some real advertising gold! I actually watched it multiple times in a row, and had a good old chuckle before sitting down to right this out.

Yup, we've all seen it before.

Yup, we’ve all seen it before.

Kerry LowLow is a company associated with the larger Kerry Group, a food company headquatered in Ireland. As far as I could see on their website, none of the LowLow products are sold in the United States, but they have a lucrative market in other areas of the world, including the United Kingdom and Australia.

kerry lowlow video3

Kerry LowLow home page

Despite the fact that this was, in fact, an advertisement for a food company that aims to make a profit from the viewers who see this video, I think that it does an excellent job highlighting what Western society has dictated as a woman’s relationship with food and her body. Before I could even start to think, all of the cliched videos that I’ve seen time and time again have shown women at odds with other foods and winning the “battle” with themselves by ingesting what appears to be a steady diet of the same brand of food over and over again.

Take the Yoplait commercial, for instance. Not only does it show the woman constantly eating nothing but yogurt (which, if you have ever tried, is mind-numbingly boring), but it also gives the impression that this woman is not fit to wear the bikini hanging on her wall until she has achieved what is apparently the “appropriate” size for the swimsuit. I also would not take their “clinical study” factoid seriously, because

1) it only mentions one clinical study performed, which is horribly ambiguous, and

2) in the fine print on the commercial is says that you are expected to have 3 servings of this yogurt daily.


That isn’t just boring, that is A LOT of money spent on reduced fat yogurt.


A Yoplait Yogurt bikini girl

Kerry LowLow’s video really speaks to the minds of women who have had to watch these ads time and time again with no respite from the “foods we are supposed to eat” versus “foods we can never have” if we want the quintessential figure associated with it. It seems simple to cut out all of the foods that you know are unhealthy in your life, but the measures that these companies are defining as success are inconvenient and prepare people for perceived failure.

The LowLow video is a reminder that women have been socialized into thinking negatively about their food and body relationship, but that it doesn’t have to be the natural order of things. Even if this is a very effective advertising ploy, it speaks to the situation many women find themselves in on a regular basis and gives them a healthy alternative perspective on food that is not often considered.