Time for A Change, I Think!

Hello all!

I’m sure you have all been just dying to find another post on this lovely website for quite some time. For lack of a better term, I was struck with the winter break epidemic of the lazies and only recently found the strength to overcome the satisfying existence that is doing nothing with my life. My timing couldn’t be better, what with classes starting up again, but I digress.

This year, I aim to adjust the focus of my blog, widening the scope of the topics to include other women’s issues other than body image. I haven’t lost sight of the issues that I originally wished to discuss in this blog, but I have been feeling more and more compelled to talk about events and news that are just as relevant to my life. Body image is still a very important topic for me, but now I would like to take time to talk about things that influence and reflect the image of women in society. Those things that seem to embody accurate or poor depictions of women, or that maintain unwanted stereotypes, etc. will now be added to the list of topics that I approach on a more regular basis.

Moving forward, the blog will begin a slow and steady remodeling to reflect the changes in the material that I will be incorporating more often.

More to follow!


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