Real Women — who are they?

I came across this short piece written by a Kristen Hedges, writer for MindBodyGreen, a holistic health coach, and a yoga/meditation instructor. I would really recommend this as a read for everyone to take a look at, because it made me realize how exclusive my thinking can be in my day to day living.

Look, a real woman! Blog writer Kristen Hedges

Look, a real woman! Blog writer Kristen Hedges

I come from a family where the women are proud heiresess of our Eastern European and Scandinavian heritage. We have well-defined hips and legs strong enough to kick a tree down. As a result of this upbringing, I grew up with an unconscious…aversion to body types that were conventionally beautiful, simply because it would cause too much mental trauma to convince myself that I could ever attain such skinny legs and petite bone structure. Rather than appreciate the female body in every form and shape, I spent a lot of time envying certain bodies, judging those around me on a scale that would ultimately dictate how I would initially interact with these women.

Another REAL woman, Lolo Jones! She's a bobsledder now, too.

Another REAL woman, Lolo Jones! She’s a bobsledder now, too.

How mentally exhausting, to feel like you are competing with women around you just because your body is next to theirs, and is not the same! There is without question some scientific evidence that comparison was an evolutionary process; in order to attain a male and produce healthy babies, you were in fierce competition with the women around to win his attentions. But when you take the time to label women as “real” and “fake” based solely on their physical structure, you are moving about eight steps backwards, away from healthy encouragement and towards intolerance of every women on this earth.

Real, real, and real. Awesome.

Real, real, and real. Awesome.

I support a healthy perspective of the human body. We were not all made the same. I may never look like Kristen Hedges, but that does not give me permission to criticize her for her appearance, regardless of how “real” she is. To quote Miss Hedges, “We are all real women. We, the rail thin, are just as lovely as the curvy goddesses, the big-boned beauties, and the strong and sexy athletes.”


One thought on “Real Women — who are they?

  1. Irene says:

    I have always maintained that, if you eat right, exercise regularly, and generally care for yourself, then the body shape that results is the one that genes and God intended for you to have. Thank you for the reminder that I am beautiful just as I am.

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